Peter C. Alvin                                                                                   

6208 Adelaide Pl., Wesley Chapel, NC 28173                                                                                          704-804-4786


Front & Back-End Web Application Architect & Developer

SQL & NoSQL  •  Node.js  •  HTML5  •  CSS3  •  JQuery  •  UX


Location                                                                            Objective

      • Charlotte metro area, remote work, hybrid                      • Full-time employment or contract


Development Passions

      • Scalable website architecture                                        • Database-driven websites

      • MongoDB & Node.js                                                     • JQuery, HTML5, CSS3

      • Cloud computing, virtualization                                      • Lean startups, viral principals


Web Solution Stacks

      • Windows (ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server 2012)                 • MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node)

      • LAMP (MySQL/MariaDB, Perl)                                      • Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Java



current               Aries Graphics – Website and System Architect

                            Created architecture to integrate diverse company systems (REST API/SQL Server 2012).  Re-writing company website using responsive web design (Bootstrap 3/LESS/Handlebars/jQuery/GIT) and multilingual Content Management System.


06-13                 Movie Mars, Inc. – eBay Integration Engineer

                            Developed site (ASP.NET) and architected business transaction platform handling millions of concurrent eBay auctions (C#/SQL Server).  Largest DVD/CD/book seller on eBay &Amazon (>$40M annual sales).  Worked with CEO daily on strategy & marketing in competitive & stressful market space.


04-06        – Partner & Chief Technology Officer

                            Implementation of profitable subscription-model diet website with extensive Intranet (Java/MySQL).


03-05        – Partner & Chief Technology Officer

                            Implementation of B2B & B2C website (>$3M annual sales) with unique business requirements, extensive Intranet, web marketing tools, eBay connectivity, and XML data feeds  (Java/MySQL).


01-06                 aWebAbove, Inc. – President

                            Created data-driven websites for ten clients using rapid development CMS & intranet site builder (Java/C#).


01-01                 Opuswave Networks, Inc. (a Siemen's company) – Sr. Engineer, Architect

                            “Core Services” team lead for highly scalable cell phone application framework:  inter-component communication, XML processing, business rules, diagnostic logging, service initialization, and watchdog services. Wrote a Java Messaging Service provider and clients (Java/C++).


99-01                 Mobilize, Inc. – Sr. Engineer, Architect

                            Created mobile intranets for Fidelity Investments, Lexis-Nexis Group, Oppenheimer, and SAP for desktop & phone (Java servlets/XML/XSL-T/object database).  Team lead of Biz. Dev. development group.


97-99                 Electronic Claims Management, Inc. – Chief Technology Officer

                            Executive and project management of two web applications (ASP/SQL Server) and client-server medical application (VB6/MSDE).  Wrote proxy server (Java) for packet routing, load-balancing, and persistent connections to large insurance & Medicaid clearinghouse databases over frame-relay leased-line and a modem server (C++) to receive calls from 2,000 medical offices daily.


95-97                 WEBB Interactive Services, Inc (formally Durand) - Principal Development Manager

                            Co-architect of MindWire Internet application server (Visual C++/Windows NT service).


Education & Certifications

        • B.S. Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara & PayPal Certified Developer, 2007



        • Startups, Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, triathlons, cycling, Krav Maga, high-end audio, NL video editing, song writing

        • Home computer lab: MacBook Pros, iPhone, iPads, Android devices, multi-monitor RAID Windows 7, several Linux servers



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